Authorised Absences

The school prefers parents to take their family holiday during the normal school holiday period.

There may be occasions when this is not possible and under certain circumstances requests for up to ten days holiday in any academic year may be authorised at the discretion of the Headteacher.

All applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.
Matters that will be taken into account in all cases will relate to family circumstances that caused the request to be made.
Particular attention will be paid the previous attendance record of the child or children. The time of the year of the proposed trip and its purpose as well as its impact on learning will also be key considerations.
Requests for a term time holiday during the May testing window for children in year 2 and above as well as during the first two weeks of the autumn term, which is a critical settling in period, should be avoided where possible.

Requests must be made on the appropriate form which is available to download here or from the school’s main office.
On receipt of the form the Headteacher will make a decision based on the above criteria and parents will be promptly notified of the Head teacher’s decision.

Pupils who have holidays authorised by the Headteacher will be registered under authorised holiday code “H” on their attendance record.
Pupils who do not have holidays authorised by the Headteacher will be registered under unauthorised code “G” on their attendance record. This may trigger a Fixed Penalty Notice.